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Guild Info: [A] Defenders of Spirit @ Velen (US)
Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/guild/velen/Defenders_of_Spirit/

What kind of Guild are we?

We have members who enjoy all aspects of World of Warcraft from questing, leveling, raiding, PVP and yes even a role player.

Defenders of Spirit is a friendly, social, laid back and helpful bunch of folks.

So if you are looking for a laid back, fun, no pressure guild try us out.

Our highest objective as a Guild is to have FUN!
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Guild restructuring

Xeraphia, Oct 16, 14 12:36 AM.

*Flip* goes the guild.
Nothing drastic though, no worries. Mainly officer positions opening (see the forums starting Friday night) and, well, taking a little bit of time to get to know our new toons. Which is also why we will not be raiding this week-end, but we *will* be gathering for two guild nights on Friday and Saturday.
Hope to see lots of you


Xeraphia, Aug 17, 14 2:28 AM.
And we're flexing! Congratulations everyone on our first two clears -and special thanks to Cerb for pushing us and pulling us together for this! Here's to more!
Cheers :)

MSV cleared!

Xeraphia, Aug 4, 14 2:27 PM.

Aaaand... Will of the Emperor, down! And with this, we're out of the Mogu'shan Vaults and putting this instance on the back burner.
We're moving on to Terrace of Endless Spring next week, and even squeezing a Flex 1 in the meantime ;-)

Congratulations everyone and happy raiding!

Elegon down!

Xeraphia, Jul 13, 14 2:20 AM.

Great job everyone! Yes it was long and tedious, but we stuck together and we got through!

Thank you for a great kill, and see you next Saturday for more =)

The Defenders are raiding!

Xeraphia, Jul 6, 14 2:37 AM.
That's right, we are!
Yes there's still a lot of hiccups, and it's so messy and bumpy we could write a book about it. But a structure is being born and we're settling in, slowly but surely.
Yes we still have a lot to learn, but when we look back and see how far we've come and how much we've learned already, it can only push us forward towards more.
First week, it took us about 3h to kill one boss. One week later, we killed three bosses in the same amount of time. Sure, we overkilled. But we're progressing!
I hope everyone's as excited about this as I am! ^_^
And most, most of all, I hope everyone's enjoying it as much as I am... That's the goal, isn't it! :)
Much shout
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