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Guild Info: [A] Defenders of Spirit @ Velen (US)
Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/guild/velen/Defenders_of_Spirit/

What kind of Guild are we?

We have members who enjoy all aspects of World of Warcraft from questing, leveling, raiding, PVP and yes even a role player.

Defenders of Spirit is a friendly, social, laid back and helpful bunch of folks.

So if you are looking for a laid back, fun, no pressure guild try us out.

Our highest objective as a Guild is to have FUN!
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Under construction (Again)

Xeraphia, Jan 7, 14 1:00 AM.
So... We're back to working on this website/forum. You might see a lot of changes, some of which will be plain ridiculous (like the current theme, for example. No, we're not going purple) No worries, it's all work in progress -and when it's 3 in the morning, well I might just leave it as is and come back the following day, right.

Want to help? Drop me a mail! o/

Under Construction

Xeraphia, Feb 21, 13 11:35 PM.
Sure, sure, this is still pretty empty at the moment. But hey, we're working on it. And because we're a li'l wi' bi' lazy, too, we're waiting for you (yes, you there -no, don't look over your shoulder) to help us out with it !
How ? See that Forum tab, right under our banner? Head over there, take a moment to look around, and let loose!


Xeraphia, Feb 16, 13 7:25 PM.
We are currently encountering issues with the Recruiting section and widgets. We hope to have it fixed very quickly.

Defenders of Spirit is always recruiting mature and active players, of all classes and levels. What we're looking for: social and helpful folks willing to participate in guild life. It would be awesome to have more on our starter raid team, too!

Whisper any of us in-game for more info! (/who defenders of spirit)

[Contest] Pandaren Monk

Xeraphia, Oct 9, 12 6:46 PM.
So we were all pretty curious about Pandaria, the Monks and globally the whole expansion. This curiosity changed into a friendly yet enraged contest: who was to level a Monk the fastest?
Follow the contest here!

Hallow's End

Ladikirara, Oct 15, 11 1:49 PM.
Tuesday October 18th Hallow's End kicks off and will run through October 31st. If there are any toons that needs the Headless Horseman's Mount let us know so we can get guild runs set for you.
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